Sweet potato cake

I am sure we all had chocolate or orange cake hundreds of times, so let’s try something a little different this time: a sweet potato cake. Who knows it could well become a… Continue reading

Choux au cafe

Wow, it’s been a while since my last post! Life has been pretty busy lately, with the beginning of the windsurfing season, the beginning of my training to become a bodybalance instructor and… Continue reading

Kiwi and mint cheesecake

I wanted to use my homemade yogurt cheese in a cheesecake and thought I’ll try to make a kiwi and basil one as these flavours had worked well together before in a sorbet. I was… Continue reading

Yogurt cheese

Oooh I have tried this very simple recipe to make your own cream cheese from yogurt and it could not be easier! I cannot wait to try it in some of its many uses: cheesecakes, herb cheeses or… Continue reading

Avocado and lime sorbet

After trying that delicious kiwi and basil sorbet last week, I feel like getting off the beaten track and explore some more the unsusual recipes area…how exciting is it to experiment in your own kitchen and discover new… Continue reading


Spoil yourself by waking up with some yummy homemade crumpets! They are perfect with the coconut butter, peanut butter or breakfast butter from my earlier posts. Ingredients: 120 g self raising flour ¼… Continue reading

Peanut butter

That’s right, I don’t do things by half so let’s try another type of butter: the peanut butter! I’ll move on to a new theme next week end I promise! Place peanut into the… Continue reading

Coconut butter

Continuing with my butter theme, I thought I may try to make coconut butter. It is so easy to make and it’s yummy!!! The consistency was perfect when just prepared (see on the pic, don’t you just… Continue reading


For my first week end with the Thermomix I tried to make different type of butter. Somehow butter is one of these items that are always in my fridge, and yet I do… Continue reading

Kiwi & basil sorbet

I just received my Thermomix! yay! I wanted to try something original straight away so I found a kiwi and basil sorbet recipe. Now there is something I should mention: I have a strong tendency… Continue reading